Tuesday, June 22, 2010

An afternoon out

The other day my sister and brother-in-law had the FABULOUS idea to head up a canyon and cook our tinfoil dinners (My family always called them hobo dinners. Anyone else?). It was one of the few nice days we've had up here, so it was great to get away and enjoy the weather. Oh, I LOVE summer!

Delicious dinner! I added some cheese to the mixture and it turned out quite tasty :)

The cutest little guy and his awesome mother :)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

World Cup

I've never understood why the U.S. doesn't get as crazy about soccer as the rest of the world does. I actually didn't find the passion until I lived in Spain (Adam played soccer when he was younger and in High School, so he's been in LOVE with it his whole life :) After living in Europe and having a soccer loving husband, my eyes were finally opened. The skill required to negotiate the field, have non-stop play and running for 90 min straight, to be able to have the ball change directions in mid-air, and then to do this all without using your hands (Eat your heart out Princess Kobe Bryant :) is amazing! Needless to say, we are a soccer house hold. Which brings us to the Mecca of soccer, The World Cup.

THE WORLD CUP only comes every 4 years and is a solid month of pure soccer bliss. This round places the tournament in South Africa which obviously puts everything in a different time zone. Do you think this is going to stop us? Nope. We just stay up later and wake up earlier :)

The U.S. vs England match last Saturday was highly anticipated and lived up to expectations. Controversy and excitement over a tie? You definitely don't find that in just any sport :) We're only a week into this treat and you better believe we will enjoy the other 3.