Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I know.....

I know we're boring and haven't posted for awhile, but we haven't had anything "post worthy" happening around here. Don't get me wrong, we've been so busy I've wanted to pull my hair out, but who wants to blog about that? :)

I've been finishing up this school year (tomorrow is the last day!!!! :), and I just shake my head and wonder where the year went? It seriously feels like March, so I haven't been getting too excited about the last day of school. It didn't hit me until today when we were taking things off the walls and packing everything up. We also don't have any crazy plans this summer, so it's weird to feel so relaxed about the coming months (I might be able to go to Ireland/England in September, so there is that to look forward to :) I always hate ending a school year, though. Some teachers might disagree with me, but it's hard to start over with a new class. I swear, I just get them trained and I just figure out all their little personalities, and they move on to 4th grade, ripping your heart out. Go figure.

Adam has been madly studying for his Clinical Exam that he has tomorrow, which pretty much determines when he can start his job. I have loads of confidence in him, but we're still praying like crazy that he'll do well (you have to cover all bases, right?) It's wicked hard and expensive, so we'll be glad to have that behind us.

Besides work, studying, church activities, family time, friend time, and doctor's appointments, it's pretty calm around here :) Anybody else think May is ridiculously busy?

Saturday, May 8, 2010


GRADUATION!!!! When we were married 4 1/2 years ago, this day seemed like it would never happen. Getting through our Bachelor's degrees and then a subsequent Master's degree was not within reach. I don't think I have an imagination large enough to think of our lives without semesters or all-nighters finishing homework... BUT I don't have to try and imagine now! It will be our lives, so now I can find out day-by-day :) The day was beautiful and I couldn't stop watching Adam during the ceremony.... It just seemed surreal and I was SO proud. I am incredibly grateful for all his hard work and patience. Oh, I love him....

AND we recently found out that Adam was able to get a fantastic job!!!!!!!!! Yup, he will enter the work force within his field of study. Pretty excited about that! It's with a company that has offices all over northern Utah, so we will be here for a couple more years. We want to settle down further south, but the economy needs to even out a bit.....

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Let There be Fish

There's been an inside joke between Adam and I about our ability to keep things alive. We always have good intentions, but every plant that has entered this house alive, has left in a trash can. We've often laughed that maybe THAT'S why we don't have kids yet; They wouldn't make it a week :) But we decided we needed to 'dig a little deeper' and see if we could keep an animal alive. So, we got fish. Easy, right? The experts at Petsmart gave us a HUGE list of things that needed to be done before we could even get our hands on a scaly little friend. We followed everything to the letter. And the first night we had a casualty.... We relied on their 2 week guarantee and had to exchange one little body. I felt like such a criminal when I went into the store for the exchange! But since this little hiccup, we've been able keep all our little ones alive (We had a little scare yesterday involving too much sunlight, but everyone made it through the night :) Phew!

We bought this side table for the tank, and I LOVE it!