Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Isn't this the time of year where you get to relax by the tree with all its lights? I always dream of such a time, but I think life is just SO much crazier..... Adam has finished with school, but hasn't really slowed down. The calling he received last week was Young Men's President. That has kept him hopping ;) I chuckled and said it was nice to be in the Bishop's office and not have it be me all sorts of nervous ;)

I think everybody should experience just one holiday as a teacher. It is the most wild, crazy experience you will ever have. One moment you are wanting to kill the little creatures and the next they are so dang cute. I'm down to counting the hours until the little rugrats are completely in the very capable hands of their parents ;) Then it's off to enjoy my favorite holiday!

We recently had some great testing results come in, and at this point we are very hopeful in the whole "finally-being-successful-even-if-we-have-to-steal-a-baby" process. We found an amazing doctor, which I feel makes all the difference. Here's to finally making some progress in 2010!

Realistically, we won't be able to get a Christmas card out this year, so I just wanted to express love to you all and say "Merry Christmas"! I feel very grateful for all the amazing family and friends we have been blessed with. You're all just "amazing pieces of wonderfulness" in our lives ;) Merry Christmas!!!!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

What the...... ?

I need some feedback from everybody. What is the etiquette of text messages? Aren't the rules that apply to phone calls the same for text messaging? So, don't send 'em super late?!
I seriously couldn't believe what happened last night. I received a text message from a person I had texted earlier in the day (noonish, and I really don't know them all that well) and they texted back at 11 o'clock at night!

*Now as a disclaimer, I believe it is totally okay to text family or close friends that you KNOW are awake

The reason why this really 'ruffled my feathers' was that the night before had been pretty chaotic. The Christmas tree went crashing down at midnight (Adam said he "had a wrestling match with the Christmas tree last night... it won, but the Christmas tree then wet itself all over the carpet in protest!" Everyone's a comedian..... :). Then Adam was up until 6 in the morning finishing up his last assignment for the semester. Problem with the all-nighter (besides we're old and hate doing that anymore ;) Is that he had to be up at 8 to hand it in..... The long term plan was for him to get to bed at some point in the day, but he had such a long to-do list (one of those being, making dough for my class. TOTALLY bailed me out, since I forgot we were making volcanoes), he never made it back to those comfy, wonderful sheets. So I put him to bed at 8 and finished some chores around the house. I headed up to bed at 10 and struggled to unwind... finally drifting off to sleep and BAM! Here comes the text! Woke us both up... As many people know, Adam struggles getting back to sleep.... GRRRRR.... I was NOT happy about that text. Some of this frustration comes after a 2am text I received on Sat! Am I crazy for wanting to strangle the messenger last night? ;)

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Life and its schedule

I feel like we have been running around like crazy people these past couple of weeks, but it wouldn't be that interesting to blog about ;) I had a surprise phone call from our Bishop a couple of weeks ago, and as a result I was called to be the 1st counselor in our Relief Society Presidency. That really hopped up the busy factor ;) Adam laughed and thought it was funny, but then he just received a phone call from the Ward Clerk yesterday and will find out tomorrow what he has been targeted for ;) I figured it was pay back!

We were then able to spend our Thanksgiving Holiday down in Carlsbad, New Mexico with Adam's family. Have I ever mentioned how much I LOVE my Mother-in-law? SUPER great lady and I really enjoyed the time we had with her. While there we were able to take a trip into the Carlsbad Caverns National Park and took a million pictures that I will post later. Then it was back to reality and the crazy schedule once again.......

I looked at the calendar today and realized it was only 2 1/2 weeks until we could escape down to Alamo and my family..... I have been a little homesick lately so I'm looking forward to that journey!

I was given the biggest compliment today..... I have a coworker that I chat with a lot about the different trials in life and especially the difficult time we have had in starting our family. She said she was so proud of how unbitter Adam and I were with the whole process these past 3 years, because her daughter had started to get really mean and cynical. How can you not cry from that comment? About 8 months ago, Adam and I decided we would start looking at the blessings that were coming in and not focusing on those that weren't. I also changed my prayers from "Please let me get pregnant" to "Help me deal with the pain..... Help me grow." It has been amazing to feel the comfort and strength we have received the last several months..... By focusing on the blessings, we've really been able to notice the presence of our Heavenly Father. He guides us every day and it's been so great to see the millions of other blessings in our lives..... I feel so loved ;) I've also been able to notice changes within myself and figured I must be headed in the right direction.... Always forward, right?

I have another 2 meetings tonight, so I better take off.... I hope you all had a fabulous Thanksgiving and know that we love you!