Friday, September 7, 2012


So, with the birth of adorable kids, you would think I would blog MORE, right? Ummm...... Nooooo....... There just doesn't seem to be enough time in the day to get everything in (watching SYTYCD, laundry, eating, exercising?!, playing with said kiddos, figure out what they are suppose to be eating at every new stage [am I starving/depriving them of anything?!], amazing husband working hard, but not home much while working 2 jobs for a couple weeks, visiting family with a new niece entering the world!, and well, you get the idea.....) Summer time is busy and it shocks me every year. Why is that? You would think it wouldn't creep up on us all, but there you have it :) I figure I won't try and catch up on everything we've been doing, but I'll throw in a few pics of our adventures and start up the blogging authorship again :)
Cute snuggle bugs :)
These kids are 7 1/2 months, people!!!! How is that possible?.....
They LOVE their daddy :)
Every once in awhile I come up with a great gift idea and this one was a doosie :) I figured out a way Adam could drive a Ferrari for his birthday and the kid was in HEAVEN. He is a TOTAL car guy and came away grinning from ear to ear. Makes my heart happy to see him SO excited :)
Adam and I were able to sneak away for a few hours and enjoy my Mother's Day present.... Wicked! It's here in 'Vegas for a few weeks and we were lucky enough to score tickets :) Thanks for babysitting, mom and dad!
We were able to spend a fun filled week with my MIL when she came to 'Vegas in July. The twinners were able to enjoy a chlorinated pool for the first time WHILE it was raining. They were champs and loved it. They really do well with all the new things we introduce to them.
And I just wanted to throw these two pics in :) LOVE them :)