Saturday, January 31, 2009

Adventures in January ;)

Nothing terribly fun or exciting has been going on these past couple of weeks, and so I ask myself, "Why would anyone even WANT me to blog?" ;) We have been pretty uneventful around here, but a lot of really weird things have happened.....

The first one being a death at Adam's school. He does his practicum work down in Brigham City each week with one day at an elementary school and one day at a middle school. His week was going along just fine and we were enjoying a ballgame of Kalee's, when he got a phone call telling him one of his students had been killed. Talk about a shock! How can you prepare for something like that? The boy was 13 and there was an accident with a gun..... Adam was then dealing with group therapy for the next week. His practicum advisor said he was amazing and I could only agree with her. Adam was able to help and give advice to over 100 students. He has such a compassionate heart and has had to deal with a variety of tragedies in his life, so he is truly able to understand their shock and pain.

Another random moment came in the form of a wedding. Is it weird to explain that I went "to my grandfather's wedding?" Well it was weird to say! But the event really turned out great and I was happy to see him smile again. He had been so torn up since my grandmother had died that it was nice to see him so happy. He was able to marry one of my grandma's best friends (before my grandma died, she told him to remarry and that he should look at her friend Gail). Well, 6 months later we are sitting at their wedding ;) They've known each other for 75 years, so I don't think there will be any skeleton's in the closet ;) I am glad he is able to joke around again and find such happiness.

There were a million other little adventures, but I won't jump into each and every one. Needless to say, our family is never boring! We have had a lot of events, but a lot of blessings have come our way as well. I have been reminded again, however, that this life is so short. It makes one stop and think about the important things.... To find the happiness in the blessings our Heavenly Father sends to us. I am so grateful for my life and the people I get to share it with. Thank you to all those who have influenced my life with so much good! I love you dearly (you know who you are ;)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

3rd Anniversary

So much happened over Christmas break, that I have struggled finding the desire to catch up on all of the details! But the one event that was really special was our 3rd Anniversary on the 29th of December. With the timing of our Anniversary, it's always an adventure to try and figure out what we can do within the boundaries of family Christmas celebrations and family New Year's celebrations. This year I called my Grandpa Whipple (AKA Mormon Mafia Boss! He always has a connection for someplace to stay ;) and asked him if he knew of any great deals or anyplace we could go. He ended up finding and then paying (the turkey!) for us to go to a timeshare in Mesquite, NV. I thought to myself "Mesquite?", but it ended up being a really nice place and it was really cool to get away for awhile and spend time catching up. For our special day ;), I bought Rock-Band to go with our WII for Adam. He absolutely loves it! I love it when I get him a present and he truly wants it. So anyway, we were able to play Rock-Band on our huge TV and generally just enjoy spending time with each other. Because of our busy schedules, we don't get to spend endless hours just being able to talk and play Rock-Band everyday!

I can't believe I have known this kid now for 4 years...... Being married to my best friend has been the greatest time in my life. I don't know what I have done in life to be by his side, but I thank my Heavenly Father everyday for bringing him into my life. He is truly my knight in shining armor AND he does the dishes;) I love this guy dearly and I look forward to the next 70 years and beyond.

Saturday, January 10, 2009


This Christmas was a nice peaceful event with Adam's mom visiting us from sunny New Mexico. Bev. showed up Christmas Eve which kicked off our Christmas extravaganza! We had such a good time and we truly enjoyed the entire 3 days we were able to have with her. Christmas Eve found us driving around looking at Christmas lights, then curling up in front of the TV with a hot cup of coco to watch "It's a Wonderful Life" (That movie always makes me cry!) I might have gained a few years, but I still believe that night is so magical and it was really great to spend it with a few of the people I love.

Adam and I even felt a little mischievous as we were able to play Santa Clause and stuff all the stockings. In the middle of the scramble to be quiet and fill these little socks, I all of a sudden realized that I had gotten stocking stuffers for everyone but myself. I was a little bummed, but figured I really couldn't do anything about this, so I continued to dig around getting everything together. I grabbed my stocking to stuff an orange in it, and realized that Adam had slipped a present into my stocking while I had been gathering all of the candy! Seriously, could the guy be any sweeter?! I started to cry (realizing, once again, what a stinking great husband I have) and I'm sure Adam thought I had lost my marbles. It was just so cute that he remembered to get me a stocking stuffer, even when I was too scatter brained to remember myself.

So we woke up the next morning and had a great time opening our presents and generally just enjoying each other's company. Then we made our way into the kitchen and attempted to make our first Christmas Feast ever.... It was a wild success! I hate to brag, but this turkey turned out really soft and tender.

Adam had been marinating it for 12 hours in honey and salt (a recipe stolen from my dad;) Soooo good and I was actually pretty proud that we were able to pull it off! That night we had plans to go down to Salt Lake to see Temple Square and all of it's beautiful lights, but a storm socked us in up here and we changed our plans to include a movie. We went and saw "Marley and Me" and seriously cried our way through the movie! Yes, you are going to say we must be a bunch of pansies, but it is a must see movie if you have ever owned even one pet. While we were tearing up inside, outside it dropped another 8 inches of snow..... Geesh, we have had A LOT of snow! It's hard to complain though, because the snow pack was really low..... it helps us all in the summertime!

Anyway, the next day we went out and had a lot of fun taking pictures and enjoying the new white blanket that covered the whole valley. We then strolled along Main Street shopping and enjoying a local restaurant that is almost a hundred years old. We wrapped up the day with a rousing game of Dominoes and hot chocolate. We had such a wonderful time with Bev. Our time always goes too fast when we are with family and I hope she will come back again soon!