Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I have these fun, light hearted blogs planned in my head, and then life happens and those posts get bumped. So I'm sorry if my blog has turned into a 'heavy' read :) However, my head has been swimming lately with the concept of timing.... You really start to feel like plans are crusin' along and then 'BAM' a road block come up. You feel like it's the biggest inconvenience ever, but once you make it around the new impediment, you see why it had to happen as it did (frustrating, right?)
When I was 20 or so, through a series of spiritual events, I decided to go on a mission for our church. The timing of that ended up being perfect and I was super excited to head over to Spain. While there, everyday things worked completely on the timing of other people's choices. After many frustrating and awesome experiences, I got home. I thought I had this timing thing figured out.
Then it took me a little while to find my amazing best-friend and marry him. Again. Timing. At the time, I couldn't figure out why I hadn't found him yet and what the meaning of it all was. But as I look back at the timeline of our lives, I could see why Heavenly Father had allowed me to work and wait awhile.
Soon after, we were married. And, even now 5 years later, we wait for those kids to join us. We continue the endless cycle to dr's offices and figuring out the correct times of the month. I don't understand this trial yet, but I do have confidence the Lord hasn't deserted us. I do know that he has a plan (even if I forget that at times and have a good cry :)
Now we have another thing to wait on. We had started to look into buying a house. We have the loan and mortgage figured out and we were about to start doing walk throughs and tours. A couple of days ago we were called into the Stake President's office and Adam was asked to serve as the 1st counselor in the Bishopric of our Family Ward..... So, guess what else will be waiting for a while? :) While we were talking with the Stake President, we both felt a huge confirmation that the housing plans should be put on hold for a while....
I sometimes think the Lord gets a good chuckle. I might have quoted this before, but there's a Hebrew phrase that says, "If you want to see the Lord laugh, tell him your plans." So true, right? I do know everything in life has an order to it. I do know there are blessings associated to each sacrifice and the willingness to serve. Sometimes I wonder why we have to do so much bumbling around, but I guess that just helps us learn more.