Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Results

So, after all those crazy procedures, we were FINALLY able to go get a pregnancy test done...... And we can officially announce our entrance into parental responsibility! We were SO excited to get a positive answer on the pregnancy test! 5 years and countless tears have set us up to be RIDICULOUSLY excited :)

We had barely digested that information before we headed into our first ultra sound (at 8 weeks) and found out that we would soon become a family of 4! TWINS! Adam was a little stressed out for a couple of days (you know how guys kick into providing mode :), but we honestly can't stop smiling about the whole thing. We are over-the-moon excited. SO many blessings....

Many people have asked me how I've been feeling, and honestly, I feel I'm doing pretty well. I'm WICKED nauseous all the time (but I haven't thrown up and can basically keep it under control if I eat regularly :), and SO tired, but I've known so many others that have been hospitalized that I feel pretty lucky. I've heard all symptoms can be compounded by multiple babies, so I figure that's why I've been so sleepy. I'll admit, I'm probably being a little bit like a wuss with the nausea, but tell me who DOES like to feel awful all the time? :) So, that's us in a nutshell. We're happy, sassy, and multiplying :)