Monday, September 12, 2011

Bladity Blah

Yup, I DON'T KNOW WHAT to blog about, so that has lead to the silence from this section of the blogging world.... Nothing too crazy is going on - just the regular everyday comings and goings.
- Adam is still working hard at C.O. Bastian High School as a group leader. We're PRAYING with all our heart that he gets another job that will HOPEFULLY open up at the same school. It's as a therapist and he'd be able to use his Master's Degree.... Fingers still crossed (we've been hoping and praying for about 4 months now, so we'd LOVE to see some progress on that :)
-As for me, I've been busy canning/bottling a variety of veggies and fruits, subbing at the local schools, and finding excuses to go to 'Vegas with my hubby :) After I passed the 12th and magical week of pregnancy, I want to live again and I have the energy to do a few projects a day. I never really had too bad of a 1st trimester (I didn't ever throw up or have excessive nausea), but I did struggle with being SO tired and wanting to do anything. I'm told that's normal, but you do start to feel lazy eventually :) I'm about to start my 16th week, and I don't even feel pregnant, except for the KILLER heartburn I have.... I'm starting to show a little bit (which is great to have SOME sign :), but it's not really an 'I look pregnant', its more of a 'Did you gain weight?' look :)
- Adam and I went to 'Vegas on Friday and bought a few Maternity clothes. SUCH a guilty pleasure. We don't have the dinero to blow too much money on pregnancy clothes (and I don't REALLY know how many other pregnancies I'll have), but really it was SO much fun. What girl doesn't want to look nice and fit into clothes while pregnant? Definitely a fun shopping expedition for a couple that didn't know if it would ever happen :)
- I have picked up a love for trying new recipes. I now have the time to experiment and I've found some fun recipes (a few from this blog). Shocking, I know, but I guess every girl can try new hobbies :) PLUS I love cooking with my mom and hubby.
- Is it weird that I PRAY for my siblings to come visit? They need to try some of these new recipes :) AND I miss them.
- We gave in and started watching the series Dr Who on Netflix. COMPLETELY cheesy, but oddly addicting....
- I ADORE this video. She's just SO passionate, it makes me want to cry....
Adele - Someone Like You (Live): Adele performs "Someone Like You" live at the 2011 VMAs.

That's all from us. I hope ya'll are having fun heading into autumn