Friday, September 19, 2008

Being a teacher

So I stumble into work this morning thinking, "Wow! I'm so glad it's Friday!" I was trying to balance my breakfast, two textbooks, my keys, and papers I had graded the night before, when I looked down and saw a paper that had been pushed under the door. I bent down to pick it up and promptly dropped the granola bar, orange juice, and triscuits that had been balancing precariously. I flipped the paper over and read the words that made my morning and tears come to my eyes - "Dear Mrs. Crawford, you are the best teacher!" That is why I am a teacher. I absolutely love the students. They make everything worthwhile.

This year has been quite the adjustment, but I have loved my new school. I was afraid to leave my wonderful school down in Provo, but this school has been just as great! I was able to continue teaching 3rd grade and now I have an aide that does the work of 15 people! She is wonderful and I wonder "How did I do this last year without an aide?!"

Adam is doing really well in his Master's program (He is such a smart turkey! I wish I could get through school as easily as he does) A lot of doors are opening up and I can see how much he is loving all of it. He is really in his element when he can help the adults and children that are around him. I really do love seeing him so excited.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

My Grandma

So I had a wonderful and witty blog planned, with all sorts of details about the first couple weeks of school (from a teacher's point of view ;), our Labor Day weekend down in Alamo, NV, and even a wonderful barbeque we had with a high school friend, Sadie (Perkins) Lyman....... but then I got a phone call last night.

My Grandma Whipple died yesterday afternoon.... she was and is a truly amazing woman. She married my grandfather on the faith and belief that he was a strong man and would support her in this life and through the eternities. It was her strong example of getting up every Sunday and taking the kids to church that sparked his interest in the Church. If it wasn't for her, their family of 3 living children and 17 living grand children, wouldn't all be active members of the Church. I have always admired her poise and ability to stay calm (whenever an accident happened on the ranch, and there were A LOT, we all ran to her) These past few years have been harder on her, because of the effects a stroke had left on her. She was such a strong example of patience, even when she was frustrated with her slower speech and a walker to help her get around. I will miss her smile.....

I selfishly would like to see her one more time, but I know she is having a wonderful time with the several family members that have made it up there before her. I love her dearly and can't wait for the time when I will see her again.

The picture was at our Wedding. Her and my Grandpa Whipple are on the right side of the Photo.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Beach

After we were done touring the great Province of British Columbia, we then headed south to Seattle. We were able to spend a wonderful time with some friends of ours, Raj and Summer. We hadn't seen them for over a year (they had moved up there from Provo) and it was really great to catch up with them.

After exploring around Seattle and it's market place, we then journeyed down to Portland, Oregon. On our way there we decided to stop in at Mt. St. Helen's and we were fogged in the whole day!!! So we don't have any great pictures of that really cool Volcano..... Someday......

Next was Portland, where we met up with Adam's family and spent some time touring around the town.

The Rose Garden

Pittock Mansion.... My future house? Anyone agree? :)

A submarine in the Willamit River. The coolest guided tour ever!!!

Then it was off to the beach..... It was so nice.....

This is the lighthouse at Yaquina Head. It was alot of fun to tour and check it out.

Adam, Bev (my mother-in-law) and I were able to find a deep connection to sand castle construction while we were in Lincoln City!!! These are just a couple of the great sand castles that were created. (Adam even expressed a desire to leave our normal cushy lives behind and head into the competive life of sand castle competitions.... hmmmmm...)