Friday, July 30, 2010

Adam's Big Day

He turned the big 2 9!!! I know it's stupid, but I was glad to have him join me in this age I've been at for the past couple of months. Unfortunately he had to work that day, but he was able to take off half of the next day and go golfing and enjoy himself. I love that everything he wanted was toys :) A kid at heart for sure.

Adam has been my best friend for so long, that I forget how I made it through the first 24 years of my life without him. He is an amazing man and truly the best thing that has ever happened to me. He has really earned this good name the past month or so with having to deal with a 'crippled' wife. He is one patient guy and I love him dearly.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

4th of July mayhem

It all started with Volleyball.... Doesn't most of lifes crazy, hairy raising adventures start with sports or outdoor activities of some kind? I'm starting to feel that way.... (Check out the bruising in this pic!)

We were in glorious Nevada for the 4th of July weekend and we had been enjoying ourselves immensely. Swimming, paintball, and playing cards had been occupying our time up until Saturday when the town festivities were scheduled. I was really excited to play in the volleyball tournament that was set up and I was REALLY excited for the team we had lined up. All family and good friends, so I was looking forward to a day full of volleyball. Well, apparently I'm not as young as I thought I was.... We were playing some fast paced, hard games and I was wearing out :) I told myself to buck-up and quit being a pansy, but 3 hours into this shin-dig and I wanted to just lay down :) We were on the last point of our 6th game when I apparently reached the end of my rope... I headed up to the net in a totally normal move (to cover our hitter), when I felt a huge "SNAP!" It felt like somebody and thrown a brick at my ankle.... I was really confused that somebody would throw something at the court during a volleyball game and I started to look around. Then the pain hit.... I couldn't support my weight anymore with my left leg, so I collapsed to the floor. Holy crap it hurt! After they carried me off the court, I was given rough news when an EMT told me it was probably my Achilles Tendon and we should head to the E.R.

Good bye wonderful 4th of July weekend! We wrapped up the useless ankle and headed on over to St. George. The E.R. visit was only about 45 min (amazing, right?) and they said, "The Achilles was torn at least 90%"... What?! I think I freaked the Doc out when I started to cry with the news that it would be a 4 month recovery.... He told us to find an Orthopedic Surgeon in Logan when we got home and to get in ASAP. I was able to get into the dr. 3 days later and surgery was then scheduled for the following day. I've NEVER been under the knife, so this was a point of anxiety. I made it through and I've been able to start down the road to recovery with the help of an amazing husband, friends, and family (thanks mom for coming up for a week! :). I'll progress from my hard cast through a soft cast (still with crutches :( and make my way to a walking boot and Physical Therapy.

The roughest part for me has been the stupid crutches. EVERYTHING is SO much harder. It's a trial in patience, for sure :) I HATE asking for help, so I feel like a little princess when I ask for a drink of water or for something that's upstairs.... On another sad note, I couldn't teach Summer School, so I couldn't make the money that would be my ticket to my Ireland/England trip that was planned this September... A couple of tough pills to swallow, but honestly I'm doing really well. Some days I wonder if I can make it out of the house, but I've had so much great help from my wonderful mother and family, and some amazing friends that the time has gone quickly. Can I send a shout out to my SUPER patient husband? He has REALLY spoiled me these past couple of weeks, and I SERIOUSLY don't know what I would've done without him :) The logistics of keeping a house clean with laundry to be done, trying to shower with this huge cast, and feeding me regularly has really put a load on him as he carries a full-time job. Oh, I LOVE him..... I SO don't want to go through this again, but I have been able to see many great blessings that have come from this trial. Needless to say, it's been an interesting experience :)