Thursday, February 17, 2011

Weddings and News

Last weekend we were able to go down to 'Vegas and enjoy the wedding of Adam's mom. She has found a great guy and they decided to 'tie the knot'. It was beautiful and we THOUGHROLY enjoyed the sunshine and wonderful weather.... It started us thinking that maybe we needed to be further south....

We came back up and stopped at the Clinic there at the University of Utah and the Doc gave me a clean bill of health! WAHOOO!!!! We were VERY excited to have that step done, but knew the next couple of steps would be critical.... Another Doc had to review everything and decided if we would be 'worth the risk' of using these private donations to pay for our In-vitro. Fast Forward another week and TADAAAAA!!!! We got a phone call from the head of the Miracle Fund and she said the 2nd Dr gave us the green light!!!! So, now we have an appointment set up with her (kind of an interview/application process). Our info will be brought before a board and they will decide if we can use the Miracle Fund to pay for In-vitro. We would appreciate all thoughts and prayers sent our way :) The whole process is nerve wracking, but the past several years have smoothed down my edges and have me relying more on the Lord and his timing. I can sit there and stress out and make a million phone calls, but none of it will progress until his timing has been met. He's really starting to teach me to become more Zen :)

Friday, February 4, 2011


We've been trying for 7 months to put some paperwork in for a program called the Miracle Fund. It's set up through the University of Utah and is funded by private donations to help people with the cost of Invitro. There is a MILE long list of requirements but if you jump through all the hoops, it's worth it, right? Well, that's what I thought 7 MONTHS AGO. It has been a never ending process of 'one last test' and trying to hit the right time of the month to take the 'one last test'. But we BELIEVE this past week we finally did our last test/proceedure.
One of the Xrays/dye tests found that I had some skin in my Uterus that needed to be trimmed out. This said skin didn't prevent pregnancy, but could increase the chance of miscarriage (not what we're going for when you drop $12,000 on Invitro :) So, my dear sister took me down to SLC last week and I was put under to have the knife taken to my VERY sensitive area. All I could think was, "PLEASE let this be worth it". We will be going down to 'Vegas this weekend for my Mother-in-law's wedding, and we'll stop through SLC on the way back to see if everything was successful. Fingers crossed!