Friday, April 25, 2008

The Sisters Grimm, Book 6 "Tales from the Hood"

These books are the best! The 6th book just came out and I absolutely adore this series. The series is the "Sisters Grimm" and it follows these two girls that have just discovered they are some of the last descendents of the actual Grimm Brothers. The compilation of the Grimm's fairytales ends up being an actual history of Fairy Tale characters. So the sisters find themselves living with their grandmother, while their parents are missing (stolen by some renegade Fairy Tale characters!) The girls start running into these crazy, funny characters like Snow White and the Little Mermaid, but the characters are set in the 20th century. The author is hilarious and paints the greatest images in each book (Snow white is a martial arts expert and the name of her class is "The Bad Apples". So stinking cute!)
One of the greatest parts about this series (and maybe this is my geeky teacher side coming out) the younger sister is constantly questioning the bigger words the adults use, and the older sister explains the definitions to her. Several of my students have checked these books out and they have been able to learn so much vocabulary from the older sister's explanations. You can't help but love the learning aspect!
I could honestly go on for pages about this series, but you have to read them! You'll get addicted too!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Planetarium

This past week we had a field trip to the Clark Planetarium in Salt Lake and I had such a blast! We have been studying Astronomy in Science, so we decided to take the students on a field trip. The Clark Planetarium is connected to the Gateway mall (so it's super easy to get in and out of) and they showed a film that took you through the different planets in our solar system. It was great! You got to see each planet and "land" to see what each one is made of (One teacher was so excited, because she didn't know that Jupiter-through-Neptune were all gas planets! See we all get to learn!)

I have had so much fun this year with the different curriculum that we get to cover in third grade. I love this grade! The students are so respectful and we get to do more complicated projects, because their level of understanding is so high. I truly enjoy my job.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Spring Break!!!

So I honestly never knew how excited our teachers were for the same breaks we were all sooooo ready for! (Spring, Summer, etc) It has been so nice not having to worry about the alarm going off, or the lesson plans for the next day, or even showering! I didn't even shower until 8 o'clock yesterday, and I didn't even feel guilty!

Thursday and Friday we got caught up with all the millions of things that creep up on everyone, and then we decided to head up to Logan for a few days to take care of some college stuff and to spend some time with Tasha, her husband Justin, and their little girl Mylah. It has been so great! We have had fun just GEO Cashing and hanging out! (If anyone else is new to this whole GEO Cashing thing, so was I! It involves a GPS and finding little things people have hidden all over tarnation. It is pretty fun!)

Tomorrow, Adam will go into the College and register for his first semester of his Master's program. Man am I excited! It'll be nice to move onto this next phase. We are excited to get through this college stuff!

Here is the cutest picture of Tasha's little girl Mylah. Needless to say her dad had to give her a bath after this picture! (can anybody explain how to post a lable to a picture?)

Friday, April 18, 2008

Well, I gave in.....

So I finally decided to join the crowd! Everyone has inspired me to start recording the craziness we call life. So here begins the rambling recordins of the Crawford's!

Adam has recently been accepted to the USU graduate program, so we will be moving from Provo to Logan this July. We are sad and excited all at once. We both have wonderful jobs here and great friends, but we have had some amazing blessings come to us already by deciding to move up to Logan. I already have a job up there at a Charter school that is very similar to the one I teach with down here, and I am excited to say that it is still for 3rd grade! I love teaching 3rd grade! The students still love their teacher, but they are on a higher level of understanding so we get to jump into some crazy fun units. Life is good and I love the changes that come with it.