Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Baby Blessings

It truly is HARD to put into words how wonderful it was to bless our little ones..... I felt such overwhelming love for them, my husband, and our Heavenly Father that most of the day I just wanted to laugh and cry at the same time :) Adam did a wonderful job and both blessings contained a lot of great promises and sweet possibilities. It was even more wonderful that it coincided with Easter Sunday - April 8th, 2012. Being able to remember our Savior's sacrifice and the blessings his life has brought, and then the life of our new children just made it one of the best days on record :) A day that made all the tears and hormone shots disappear from memory :)
Our little darlings wearing their beautiful blessing outfits. These were made by a dear family friend, Susie Hughes, and I am SO grateful for talented friends :)
Our little princess, Elizabeth Lynn Crawford. She was LOVING the photo shoot and was SO happy the entire time :)
Her blessing shoes were made by her Great, Great Grandma Averett and the blanket she had was made by her Great, Great Grandma Lamoreaux. I LOVE that these great women made these for our future babies so a piece of them could be with us on this special day :)
Our dear Zachary Adam Crawford. He is SUCH a calm spirit that it was a surprise he was NOT digging the photo shoot. At least he looks darling:)
Zach's shoes were also made by his Great, Great Grandma Averett, but his blanket was made by his Great, Grandma Gail with yarn from a stash she found of their Great, Grandma Whipple's. It was SO sweet of Gail to make us this second blanket with yarn from my Grandma Whipple (she passed away a couple years ago and Gail is now married to my Grandpa Whipple). We were at a loss as to what to do with twins and only one blessing blanket, and Gail came up with this wonderful idea. This way we had 3 incredible women involved with the making of their blankets :)
We are SO grateful for these little monkeys and thank God for them every day.


Sunny said...

Such beautiful clothes and blankets. And of course beyond beautiful babies. :)

Lora said...

I really can not wait to meet them in person! They are so dang cute! And yes, all those shots and stuff seem kind of like a foggy memory. Thank goodness! Love to you all!

tawnya said...

So. Adorable. And happiness for you has no words!